Repetto - Paris, 2009

So, when Mlle Bagatelle arrived in Paris last week and saw someone in the metro carrying this beautiful ribboned bag from legendary ballet shoe maker, Repetto, she knew she had to have it in the permanent collection. Upon her arrival at Repetto, she realized that with a mobbed store and an even more crowded caisse, the chances of just being able to request one without buying anything would be pretty slim. Finding a Repetto workout top on sale for 12 euro, she decided to make her life easy and just expense this one.  When given the cute little bag with the mouse, she asked the nervous sales girl for one of the others. When the salesgirl explained that the ribboned bags were for shoe purchases and the mouse bags were for all other purchases, our curator explained that she thought that was a great rule...

...for other people. 

I think you can see how this ended.

1 comment:

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