Ladurée - Paris, 2009

Mlle Bagatelle has such mixed feelings about Ladurée these days. On the one hand, she's sad that between all the Ladurée kiosks and product lines, one of her favorite places in the world is becoming, dare I say, McKnown, but on the other hand, that sea green and gold still delights her eye and the framboise macaroons still delight her palette. For the moment, she's decided to go with the commercialism and stay loyal until they come out with a happy meal.

Since we're on the subject, let's pay homage to Sofia Coppola's fabulous (yes, I said it--fabulous) use of Ladurée in her fabulous (yes, I said it again), movie, Marie Antoinette. I don't care that the French booed it; the eye candy factor here is off the charts. 

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