Tiffany Boxes - New York City, New York, 1990s

And the Bagatelle Museum's word of the day for Sunday, July 19th is...


Yes, this is the result of standing up for people at their weddings over and over and over again. (OK, one of these boxes came from a coked-up boss who once took the staff out to dinner and then suggested we all share a single bowl of soup, but otherwise, this is what you get when you're willing to wear teal-colored taffeta and spend a solid 24-hours wrapping white Jordan almonds in pink tulle for someone you barely know who had a fight with a cousin who "always resented me" and went back to Seattle.)

Here's a little trick to doubling your Tiffany box count: usually, if she's any kind of friend, the bride will give you Tiffany money, which a) comes in not only a box of its own, but a pouch as well and b) means you can pick your own gift. Try to pick something that can be engraved or embossed. When you drop it off at Tiffany's to have them do the engraving and/or embossing, give it to them without the box it came in and have them send the finished product to your home. When it arrives, it will come in a new box and before you can say "Elsa Perretti" you'll find you've amassed quite the collection.


  1. I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's before I moved to New York and it's still a great store. Remember those shell shaped grey velvet boxes that real pearls came in? Were those from Tiffany's? I really like hearing about your life growing up in New York. I grew up in the country, but saw every movie about New York.
    Anne N.

  2. I haven't seen the grey boxes but I'll certainly be on the lookout! Glad you're enjoying the writing about NYC!