Neiman Marcus British Fortnight

In 1957 Neiman Marcus started a tradition called "Fortnight" in which they celebrated the wares, traditions, and people of other countries, even flying in luminaries like Princess Grace from those countries to glam up the event. Lasting two weeks, the event was meant to get a little shopping excitement going between the delivery of fall merchandise and the Christmas rush. It must have worked because it ran until 1986 (the very last fortnight was for Australia). 

Starting in about 1963 a theatrical costume designer named Alvin Colt designed the graphics and would continue to do so until the final fortnight. Since we spent New Years weekend binging on Downton Abbey and we're in an English kind of mood, we thought we'd pay tribute to Alvin and his work. 

On a side, note, this is one of the funniest "fortnight" themed cartoons we've ever seen. 

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