Christian Louboutin - 20th Anniversary - London, 2012

Now we know how the curators at the Louvre felt when they heard they would be the custodians of the Mona Lisa. Developed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of M. Louboutin's foray into shoe design, this assemblage-themed bag is about as extraordinary as it gets and easily makes our list of the Top 10 Shopping Bags of All Time (a list we haven't actually made yet, but when we do, this will be on it).

If you're a fan of the man who brought us the red sole, you probably know that this bag was inspired by Louboutin's workspace, beautifully re-created in the extraordinary exhibition, "Christian Louboutin: 20 Years" which premiered at the Design Museum in London a few years ago. What its title lacked in imagination, the show more than made up for in content, and we HIGHLY recommend you catch it if and when it comes to your part of the world (it was touring the globe for a while there). Like the bag, the show captured all the messy, explosive, cheeky brilliance of its subject and is one we wish were on permanent display.

Incidentally, although Louboutin has been quoted as saying that the red sole came to be after he was so dissatisfied with a pair of shoes he'd designed that he grabbed a red nail polish and painted the soles, the exhibition attributed the signature look to a sign Louboutin saw as a child in his native Paris warning women wearing heels not to try to navigate a certain street. Should you choose to believe the latter version and feel you need to own the sign yourself, you can pick one up here on your next trip to Paris.

Oh,'re welcome. ;)

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