Gloria Vanderbilt- New York City, late 1970s

One of the women we most admire here at Bagatelle is Gloria Vanderbilt. In spite of her wealth, she never, ever stops creating. From collages to fashion to linens, she's done it all. Life magazine once called her “a feminine version of the Renaissance Man.” (We think maybe what they actually meant was a female version of a Renaissance Man. A feminine version would just be an effete man, which is totally fine, we just don't think that's what they meant.)

These bags are from Chase Manhattan Bank if you can believe that (what we want to know is why a bank would even need shopping bags, let alone ones these big--does anyone take that much money out of the bank?), and they really reflect Gloria's aesthetic. 

By the way, if you're up for a really interesting read, this is fascinating. 


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