Fiorucci Paper Bag - New York City, early 1980s

What a shame Lady Gaga was born too late to see the legendary Fiorucci's--it would have been the perfect place for her to hang out in the window and get tattooed. If you weren't there to see it  either, it was to the late 70s and early 80s what...well, what...well, just watch this and you'll get the idea. Of course, now that the age of disco, punk, new wave, and even grunge are well behind us, the shenanigans at Fiorucci's seem charmingly tame, but it certainly makes us nostalgic for the time and place.  

By the way, if you look really closely just around the 2:56 point, you can see a customer quickly hold up the large version of this bag. 

Also, take note of the older woman who says she's not shocked by anything in New York. How stylish is she?!?

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