Biba - London, 2011

As someone who grew up in the 70s MB is extremely excited to see this house get back in the fashion game (now if only they would bring the original New York Fiorucci store back). It's a looong story but in a nutshell, the Biba name was essentially purchased by House of Fraser, a British-owned department store and as far as we can see, every effort is being made to keep the integrity of the brand in tact. Having recently visited the Biba department at H of F, we here at the museum are happy to report that stylistically things look very much the same. Black walls, gold accents, and of course, all with a strong nod to the art deco/art nouveau styles. While we've heard and are sorry that the brand's original creator, Barbara Hulanicki, is extremely unhappy about this new iteration of her company, we have to admit that we're thrilled to see the Biba name alive and thriving.

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  1. love the renovations on your site! if I photograph a bag (only have one), can you put it on your site? I have one of Macy's first shopping bags from right after the store opened its doors. It is older than I am! Again,
    the site is smart and interesting too.