Sotheby's - New York City, New York, 2009

This past winter while on an unexpected trip to New York, Mlle Bagatelle took a trip up to Sotheby's to preview the Audrey Hepburn auction (how could she not?) and, against her better judgment, took a teeny tiny peek at the bookshop. While the goal may have been to leave without purchasing some 90-pound book that would impede that day's shopping, MB knew it would be a lost cause when she saw a customer walk out with this incredible, impressionist masterpiece with pleather handles*. Well done, Sotheby's for not only improving upon your previous bag but for pretty much hitting it out of the park. This was like carrying around a little piece of artwork all day.

*Luckily, there was a small, photo-rich catalog of the sale that weighed no more than say, oh, a paperback copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Which, incidentally, happened to be one seriously juicy catalog. Luckily, Kerry Taylor Auctions which produced the auction in association with Sotheby's has posted in full on their site. Having a life-long obsession with both tweed and stripes, Mlle B can't say how tempted she was to bid on Ms. Hepburn's tweed coat and/or sailor top. Probably would have had they come with the promise of a shopping bag.

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