John Derian - New York City, New York, 2010

Every time I visit the John Derian store on 2nd street in NYC (which, by the way, has to be the world's coziest-looking store at Christmastime), all I can think for weeks afterward is that all I really want from life is to sit down with a bunch of magazines, some type of lovely adhesive*, and a pile of plates and spend the rest of my days découpaging. Unfortunately, with Mlle Bagatelle's patience level all would be lost in the first hour with the realization that all those beautiful images would have to be cut out with little tiny scissors and tremendous precision. Luckily, Mr. Derian's store is to découpage what Tiffany's is to diamonds so there's no need for me to try this myself. According to the website, they also do custom découpage which is a very, very dangerous thing to know.

*By the way, whatever happened to rubber cement? Do people still use that? And paste? Do kids still use paste? Tell me they do. I remember when I was a kid and went to Paris for the first time I bought lavender-scented paste and it made me feel insanely glamorous. Of course, I also remember having a crush on a little boy in the 1st grade whose name was Elmer because it reminded me of the glue. Not sure what to make of all that.

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