Can à Suc - Paris, 2009

One of my favorite things about the French is that to them, everything is essentially Play-Doh. No matter what you give a French person, they'll find a way to turn it into something prettier and more interesting. Take sugar for example. Give the French some sugar and before you know it, they've turned it into a big green frog or Eiffel Tower replica or Neil Sedaka statue that's so beautiful, you won't know whether to drop it in your coffee or get a memory box for it. From stackable sugar tablets to whimsical little hearts that literally sit on the rim of a coffee cup, Can à Suc really does some fantastic things with sugar and just about everything they make makes a great gift for the party giver in your life.

On another, much less healthy sucratorial note, some part of me desperately wants to go to one of these meetings.

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