Bakery Wrapping - Paris, 1992

I got this adorable little baguette wrap in a patisserie in Toulon, France, a city that in my opinion is unfairly maligned. It was one of those bizarre storefronts that looks as if it could potentially be anything from a shoe repair shop to a dry cleaners you later find out is a front for an international drug cartel, but they had the most incredible breads and pastries. The little characters and the color scheme reminded me of Holly Hobbie.

Speaking of Holly Hobbie, did you know there is a Holly Hobbie convention? I didn't, either, but I'm now obsessed with the idea of going. I was only ever minimally into HH (it unnerved me that her face was always hidden by that bonnet. It was like she was in a 1800s witness-protection program or something), but I would think the people-watching at this would be incredible. 

I also had no idea that she was re-launched (or re-incarnated--I'm not sure which. Does anyone know if she died?) in 2006 as a sort of hip, Miley Cyrus-type tween who dresses like a cross between Jimmie Walker, Mackenzie Phillips and Mushmouth from the Cosby Kids. (Apparently there's also some kind of new pig duo named "Toots and Puddle." Um, OK.) Before you know it, they'll be giving Betsy Clark skull and crossbones tattoos. 

So, anyway, yes, Toulon is under-rated and I would suggest going there. 

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