Bergdorf Goodman - New York City, late 1980s

One of my all-time most favorite places to "window lick" as the French say, Bergdorf's (or Bergdoff's as most New Yorkers pronounce it), can't be topped for "of the moment" merchandise. In spite of the fact that I applied for a job there when I was 19 and was turned down (I ended up working for Macy's), I'm proud to say I've never let bitterness or hurt stand in the way of walking into BG's as if I own the place. (Although I was a little embarrassed, when, after they broke the news to me that I wasn't hired, I was discovered rocking back and forth in the shoe section, yelling, "You are lying, Chino! Make it not be true! Please, make it not be true!!!" I guess all hindsight is 20/20.)

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