Emilio Pucci - New York City, 1990

This was the bag that I got when I bought myself a bottle of Emilio Pucci perfume for a big birthday. It was the year that Pucci came heavily back into vogue and the designer's patterns were everywhere. A salesgirl at the time, I scoured thrift shops for otherwise unaffordable vintage Pucci that year and found an astounding amount of it. I vividly remember how much fun it was to walk into that ultra-glam boutique and actually walk out with something. 

If you're ever in New York, I strongly suggest making a visit. It's such a throwback to the 60s you fully expect to see Jacqueline Susann swing open the fabric-covered dressing room doors, enjoying a mid-afternoon martini crawling out on her hands and knees in a drunken stupor, begging for someone to hand her that week’s bestseller list. 

While you're at it, you might as well check out this Pucci as well. 

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