Kate Spade - Various Locations & Dates

Doesn't it just seem like it would be so much fun to be Kate Spade? The Doris Day of the handbag world, her sunny outlook on life is beautifully reflected not only in the shiny patent leather of her shoes and purses, but in the vibrant colors of her packaging. What could be better than skipping out of her store and on to the streets of SOHO swinging this happy, oversized green bag on a lovely spring day? Nothing, that's what.

BTW, those Spade kids came up with my all-time favorite ad campaign ever for the fall of 2002. Set to Billie Holiday's Autumn in New York, "Visiting Tennessee" was about an older couple visiting their daughter, Tennessee, in her adopted home of New York City. They went to the Carlyle, the museum, and judging from the bags dad watched as Tennessee and Mom shopped, the Strand bookstore. I loved it so much, I named my dog Tennessee. The Museum of Modern Art loved to so much they included it in their "Fashioning Fiction" exhibit a few years later.

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