Asian Bakery - Los Angeles, 2003

There are many wonderful things about being an ESL teacher:
  1. It's easy.
  2. If you're bored you can teach your students slang and not tell them that's what it is. 
  3. Your students give you things; really cool things like interesting foodstuffs they get at ethnic supermarkets you didn't even know existed in your own city. 
This bag came from a Los Angeles bakery. A student of mine brought in a cake that tasted like quail covered in steering fluid (seriously, whatever it was still haunts me when I'm alone) and this is what the cake came in. Yes, I felt as if I'd just eaten rubber cement, but at least I got a bag out of it. 

By the way, there is one really bad aspect of teaching ESL:
  1. You start accidentally correcting the speech and grammar of people who are not your students (like tourists and relatives). It's a good way to really tick people off. 

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