Lord & Taylor - New York City, late 2000s

We at bagatelle loved this modern homage to Lord and Taylor's signature rose motif. A heavy, almost watercolor paper-like stock, the bag is strong and sturdy so it naturally put us in mind of another strong rose, that stage mother of all stage mothers, Mama Rose.

OK, it's a stretch, but what else would give us such a great excuse to acknowledge the fabulous and fully-justified on-stage wig-out of one Ms. Patti LuPone in January of 2010? Just as we applaud this bag we applaud the Broadway diva's public upbraiding of the thoughtless, selfish, and downright stupid theater-goer dumb enough to snap pictures while one of the all-time greats of the theater was singing her heart out. Well done, Ms. LuPone--this bag's for you!

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