Bloomingdale's - Los Angeles, 2010

Nothing excites Mlle Bagatelle more than when a quiet day at the mall turns into a quest for a really incredible bag. Experiencing just such a day a few months ago, MB spotted a fellow shopper with this masterpiece and before long she found herself peering beneath a bathroom stall to see exactly from whence it came (ahhh, the things we'll do in the name of art).

Turns out this fabulous psychedelic, 60s-inspired bag came from the "Juniors" section of Bloomies and was NOT easy to acquire. With only a few of these beauties left at her station the sales associate was reluctant to give one to someone buying something from another department. In fact, when asked for it the look she gave basically said this, but really, we can't blame her. When a bag is this fabulous you really should guard it with that level of determination.

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