Shanghai Tang - New York City, 2010

In New York, a city in which mohawks are considered conformist, you have to work pretty darn hard to turn heads, which is why Mlle B found herself walking down Madison Avenue with a wry smile the day she acquired these beauties. The riot of color combined with sheer scale caught the eye of many a New Yorker that day and who could be surprised? Note if you will, the bag in the top picture which in real life is the length of a small coffee table and even has cord handles running underneath it. A lovely chat with one of the sales associates revealed some other, easy-to-miss subtleties, for example: the building that composes the main design is actually part of the famous Shanghai Bund complex and the letters above it read, from left to right, Shang hai Tang. Also, there's a teeny tiny little thank you printed on the inside of every bag. Nice. Yes, like the shop it advertises, this bag could be looked at again and again and still there would be something new to discover.

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