Lulu Guinness Tissue - New York City, New York, 2010

Sometimes Mlle B just gets in the mood to look at something unapologetically girly and when she does, there are few better places than the Lulu Guinness store on Bleeker Street in New York. (Actually MB is always up for a stroll on Bleeker; especially in the fall or around Christmas. Great street, that.)

At the moment Miss Guinness is going in for street scene handbags which MB loves because they remind her of the decoupaged handbags her grandmother's set was so fond of. Strong and sturdy they were like carrying around miniature toy chests (MB knows because she forced her grandmother to give them to her when she was a teenager and wouldn't be caught dead in anything that couldn't be labeled vintage). So glad Lulu is bringing back this staple of WASP culture even if she is using fabric rather than shellac.

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