21 Restaurant - New York City, New York, 2011

Few movies scare the pants off Mlle B like "Rear Window," Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 classic about L.B. Jefferies, a photojournalist who, after being sidelined by a skiing accident, is forced to spend a long, hot New York summer totally immobile with nothing to do but spy on the neighbors. Among the many wonderful scenes is one in which Grace Kelly, as James Stewart's high society girlfriend Lisa Fremont, orders dinner from 21 for the housebound Jefferies. It comes direct from the restaurant on a silver tray, complete with waiter Karl. To a teenage*** Mlle Bagatelle, few gestures could have seemed more glam, which is why, when she saw this bag, she knew it had to be part of the collection.

Incidentally, these bags aren't just for leftovers. 21 Club offers a variety of interesting merchandise that make much better, much less cliche gifts for the folks back home. I'd make this my first stop long before I hit the souvenir shops on 5th avenue sandwiched in between all those "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" places.

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