Prada - Unknown

Well, the Devil may wear Prada*, but apparently so do a number of angels as evidenced by this literal silver lining. I have to admit that the Prada bandwagon is one I've never jumped on, but I have to give big points here for a number of reasons: the heavy-duty embossing, hidden handle attachments, and sheer durability (seems to me this would hold up about as well as one of their real bags). 

Also, if you haven't seen the exhibit that won't die, "From the Waist Down," be sure to check it out (I'm SURE it's coming to a city near you--it started in 2006 or something like that and was shown again as recently as this year in Seoul. It's the become the fashion equivalent of Riverdance.) It's essentially a collection of Prada skirts that spin around and (if I'm remembering correctly) are helped along by the use of fans. It's well worth catching when it comes to your town. 

*I'm not putting a link in here because for some reason the Prada site keeps shutting down my computer. Knowing me, it's something I'm doing wrong, but just in case, I'm leaving it out. 


  1. Great write up on the Prada bag Mlle Bagatelle. Bien fait! ~ Sophie

  2. The bag is the best thing about Prada. Why don't I get Prada? FX