Au Nom de la Rose - Paris, 2009

Even though the edible rose petals* I bought were for moi-même, I couldn't resist saying "yes" when the girl behind the counter asked if they were a gift. After tying a perfect white rose to the handle she then took what must have been a good ten euro worth of multi-colored rose petals and tossed them into the bag, so I stopped right there on the street to take a snap just in case I couldn't get home before the roses died. I bought this early on a gloriously sunny morning and had I been carrying around a giant bouquet of flowers all day, I could not have gotten more attention. It looked more like a prop than a purchase. One of the great regrets of my life is that I didn't buy the bright green hat box they sell but it can't be packed and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit in an overhead compartment. 

*At least, I think they were edible. What else would you do with crystalized rose petals?

UPDATE: In a previous post I declined to give the web address as I felt their site was not on the same level as their stores. I'm happy to say that someone at ANDLR has had an epiphany and the site is vastly improved, so you now have my permission to use it. 


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