Trina Turk - Palm Springs & Los Angeles, late 2000s

The first time I visited Palm Springs it was so hot that I was still on the freeway when I lost the will to live. Thank God the PS Trina Turk boutique is one of the first stores you hit on the way into the city, otherwise who knows what might have happened. Not only did the Werstler-designed boutique restore my sense of purpose, but it confirmed for me that the 60s/society/drinks by the pool/Slim Aarons lifestyle I had watched my grandparents live in 1970s Florida was not only not dead, but still alive and there for the taking. Yes, in Trina's world, all those tunics and long gold necklaces I'd been collecting could finally have their day outside the confines of my closet. You can only imagine my delight when I discovered that, like me, Trina is an admirer and collector of vintage Vera scarves. (So I cried a little--don't judge.)

The only place on earth I'd rather be than this boutique, is her store in Los Angeles. Like the smell of the Paris metro or the sound of the New York Philharmonic tuning up, I'm afraid the experience is something that can't be explained. 


  1. I would go there just for the cute bags!

  2. Believe me, it's well worth the trip!