Diptyque - Paris, 2003

Just think--if only you had paid more attention when they broke out the candle-making kits at camp, you, too, could charge the equivalent of a car payment for a 3 oz. candle meant to evoke the feeling of being at the shores of Santorini. Yes, at only $60-plus or so, it's easy to see why Diptyque candles are such a big hit. If only I could figure out a way to charge as much for lanyards and unicorn string art.

Snarky comments aside, Diptyque is well-worth visiting and they do make the best scented candles on the planet. John Galliano "designed" one for them last year that smelled so incredible for a moment I thought I might actually have to buy it.

By the way, always ask for samples of their creams--they're very big on that and they make great little travel sizes.

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