Pluss - Paris, 1992

This is the card that started it all. I had been in Paris about three weeks at that point and was still hopelessly lost 90% of the time. I was walking around one day after school, trying to find my way back to my dorm, when pounding, toxic rain started coming down. (OK, it wasn't toxic--I was just trying to give the feeling of confusion and desperation I felt and that seemed like a good way to do it.) 

I ducked into the nearest store (which, as you can see from the card, was a maternity shop), and asked for a business card, thinking that at least that would give me an address and some kind of clue about where I was (I was still so mixed up half the time I didn't know whether I was on the Right Bank or the Left). When I saw how incredible the card was (it's about three inches high and wide in real life), I decided to make it my business to collect all the great business cards (and eventually shopping bags) I could find. 

Sentiment aside, I've never really understood the cabbage reference here. Is the point that the cabbage is like the mommy's tummy? Do cabbages get pregnant a lot? Don't know and don't really care. If it weren't for this cabbage, who knows what direction my life would have taken. 

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