Bergdorf Goodman - New York City, early 1990s

"Myself, I just want to be put into an old Bergdorf Goodman pasteboard box, such as they use to deliver dresses and that's that."  
-- Edna Ferber, 1961

I couldn't agree with her more. I anything ever happens to me, just put me in one of these glorious silver boxes from Bergdorf's and be done with it.

Employing my own "Always have everything wrapped no matter how small." rule, I've managed to amass quite the little collection of BG boxes. Most of these came from bottles of astringent or soap or some tiny trinket.

By the way, the prologue to Gene Wilder's autobiography, Kiss Me Like a Stranger, has the most lovely passage about walking out of the neighboring Plaza hotel. In it, he briefly mentions the BG men's store as well as the fountain that's stamped on the newer boxes. I would highly recommend the audio version of it; whatever they've used as the background music is really charming and he, not surprisingly, does a brilliant job of reading it.

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