Ron Herman - Los Angeles, early 1990s

Well, if for some reason you get up tomorrow and can't decide what to wear, why don't you log on to the Ron Herman site and have a live chat with one of their stylists? Yes, like J.Lo, Jen and Kate, you, too, can have someone tell you whether or not its acceptable to pair your gladiator sandals with cargos or if empire waists are still in. (Sadly, I think the answer to that one is "yes.") Not only that, but if you're having a fashion emergency, they have something called Red Phone. Just dial it, and they will send an experienced, probably slightly bitchy stylist running around the store who will swear off food, water, and human contact until they find what you need. (I don't know if that last part is true or not, but considering what stylists make, it should be.) 

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