Manolo Blahnik - Unknown

Even as someone who isn't a much of a Manolophile (the heels are too skinny for me), I still can't resist looking at his creations. If you're like me, and you love hearing artists talk about their work (even if it's not work you, yourself, necessarily respond to), check out this video interview he did for Neiman Marcus. After watching it I am now considering putting him on my "Ten People You'd Invite to a Dinner Party" list. I love that he calls the island culture he grew up in "twisted" and attributes his creativity to growing up that way. (Having grown up on a nutty little island myself I can appreciate where he's coming from.) I also love that he says, "The ideas come at night--obviously." As an insomniac who started a blog to have something to do during long, sleepless hours, I get that, too. Come to think of it, maybe I'll have a go at those heels again. 

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