agnes b. - Paris, 1992

When I was 15 I bought a copy of Elle magazine (the French one--there was no American version at the time) and there was an article in it about the designer agnes b. who was quickly becoming her country's one-woman Gap. It took about five minutes for me to become a full-blown agnes b. addict and her boutiques are still some of my favorite places to check out when I'm over there (mostly for the people-watching--I always feel as if I'm watching the French versions of myself). After all this time, her simple logo still really holds up.

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  1. Love the simplicity. I have a question.
    Do you know of an all white, rectangular back with an 1" black, satin ribbon? I had one and gave it away. Now, I can't think what store it was. Hope you know. Lea D.
    It's in the last eight years