Mr. Anthony's Dry Cleaners - New York City, 1980s

It may not be the snazziest bag in the collection, but I still love it. As you can see, it features a sort of 1960s college freshman (probably named "Judy") just home on a surprise visit from Smith or Sarah Lawrence or Swarthmore, reuniting with the family cat she named "Snowball" in the sixth grade. I especially love the way Luxuriously is in italicized cursive as if whoever designed the bag wanted to really distinguish this dry cleaner from other, more casual dry cleaners. I'm a little disappointed by the kitten reference, though. I'd prefer something a little more creative and a little less arbitrary like, "Cuddly and soft as an albino koala smuggled through customs" or "Cuddly and soft as a rack of Fendi furs being rolled down fifth avenue just before they're destroyed with fake blood by PETA members," but that's probably because I'm allergic to cats.

Anyway, this is from Mr. Anthony's, the dry cleaners my family has been going to for years and I can tell you that while we may have our problems, we're as clean and luxurious as people can be.

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