Jean-Paul Gaultier - The World's Best Shopping Bag - Paris, 1992

So here it is--the most incredible shopping bag of all time. I got this during what I call my Acquisition Summer when I made it my business to scour the stores of Paris with the idea of amassing the world's best collection of shopping bags and business cards. This was a bag that I had seen all the chic young women of Paris carrying and the one I knew I couldn't leave town without. When I walked into the Jean-Paul Gaultier boutique to ask for it, I felt as nervous as I would have if I'd gone in there to steal something. Luckily, the teenager behind the counter sensed my desperation and gave me one in spite of the fact that I hadn't bought anything.

As you can see, it's a replica of a Parisian advertising kiosk and looks more like a piece of art than a shopping bag. I'm about 5'3" ish and it comes up to my hips. I've given up hope of ever finding a better one.

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